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Normalizing Periods: Leigh and her club host a period party to celebrate menstruation and help girls

Leigh and her SisterFriend Club have been working hard to help girls feel more comfortable with their periods. They've hosted a product drive, invited a school nurse to speak about menstrual hygiene, and started a blog to share their experiences. But now, they wanted to do something a little different - something that would really help break down the period stigma.

So, Leigh and her club decided to throw a period party at school. They chose to have a Valentine's Day theme, with lots of pink and red decorations, heart-shaped treats, and a photo booth with period-positive props. They also had stations set up around the room with different activities for the girls to participate in.

At one station, they had a "Period Trivia" game, where girls could learn fun facts about periods and menstrual products. At another station, they had a "Period Art" area, where girls could draw or paint their own period-themed masterpieces. They even had a "Period Dance Party," where girls could dance along to songs that celebrated periods and period positivity.

But the highlight of the party was definitely the "Period Pinata." The girls took turns hitting the pinata, which was filled with period products like pads, tampons, and liners. It was a fun and empowering way to show that menstruation is nothing to be ashamed of - and that period products are a basic necessity that should be available to everyone.

After the party, Leigh and her club noticed a real difference in how the girls talked about periods. They felt more comfortable asking questions and sharing their own experiences. And best of all, they felt like they had a community of friends who supported and understood them.

Leigh and her SisterFriend Club are proud to have helped normalize periods at their school. They hope that other girls will be inspired to do the same and to celebrate their periods rather than feeling ashamed or embarrassed. After all, periods are a natural and normal part of life - and they deserve to be treated that way.

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