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Period Shame: Speaking out against period shaming and encourages girls to embrace their periods.

Leigh has always been an active and outgoing girl, but when she started her period, she noticed how many of her friends and classmates were embarrassed to talk about it. Some even whispered about it or made fun of girls who had accidents. Leigh knew that this was not okay, and she decided to take action.

Leigh had always loved participating in local beauty pageants, so when she heard about an upcoming competition, she knew it was the perfect opportunity to use her platform to make a difference. She decided to focus her pageant presentation on breaking down the period stigma and encouraging girls to embrace their bodies and periods.

At the pageant, Leigh wore a beautiful purple dress and spoke confidently about her mission to end period shame. She shared how her own experiences with starting her period had inspired her to start the SisterFriend Club at school, and how she and her friends were working to make a difference in their community by advocating for menstrual product access and education.

Leigh also talked about how important it was for girls to feel comfortable talking about their periods and seeking help when needed. She encouraged girls to speak up and be proud of their bodies, and to not let anyone make them feel ashamed or embarrassed.

After her presentation, Leigh received a standing ovation from the audience. Many parents and girls came up to her to thank her for her inspiring words and to share their own stories about periods and menstrual shame. Leigh felt proud of herself and knew that she had made a positive impact.

Since the pageant, Leigh has continued to speak out about period shame and has even started a blog where she shares her own experiences and encourages other girls to do the same. She believes that by breaking down the stigma surrounding menstruation, girls can feel more confident and empowered in all aspects of their lives.

Leigh's journey shows that anyone can make a difference, no matter how young they are. By speaking out against period shaming and encouraging others to embrace their bodies, Leigh is helping to create a world where girls can feel proud and confident about themselves and their periods.

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