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Boys Can Support Menstrual Equity Too: How Derius Became a Period Advocate

Leigh's little brother, Derius, was always interested in what his sister was up to. When she started the SisterFriend Club at her school, he was intrigued and wanted to learn more. Leigh explained to him how the club was helping to break the period stigma and advocating for menstrual equity. Derius was fascinated and wanted to help too.

Leigh and Derius' mom was a big advocate for menstrual equity as well, and she was thrilled that her kids were taking an interest. She explained to Derius how menstrual products are not always accessible for girls and women who can't afford them, and that this can be a big barrier to their education and participation in everyday life.

Derius was shocked to learn about this, and he realized that boys could play an important role in supporting menstrual equity too. He started talking to his friends about it and invited them to join the SisterFriend Club's next meeting.

At the meeting, Ms. Sandy, the school nurse, was invited to speak about menstrual hygiene and answer questions. Derius was impressed with her knowledge and how comfortable she was talking about periods. He asked her how boys could support menstrual equity, and she gave some great suggestions.

Ms. Sandy explained that boys can help break the period stigma by not making fun of girls who need to use the bathroom during class, and by being supportive of their female friends who may be feeling uncomfortable or in pain. She also suggested that boys could help organize period product drives and donate to organizations that provide menstrual products to those in need.

Derius took these suggestions to heart and started spreading the word to his friends. He talked to his basketball coach about hosting a period product drive, and the team was excited to help out. Derius also started bringing extra menstrual products to school to give to any of his friends who might need them.

The girls at school were touched by Derius' efforts and grateful for his support. They started including him in the SisterFriend Club meetings, and he quickly became an honorary member. Derius was proud of the work he was doing and happy to be making a difference.

Leigh was thrilled to see her little brother taking such an interest in menstrual equity and supporting the cause. She realized that boys could play a big role in breaking the period stigma and advocating for menstrual equity. Together, Leigh and Derius continued to spread the word and make a difference in their community.

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