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Taking Action: Advocating for Free Menstrual Products in Schools

Leigh had always been passionate about making a difference in the world, and when she learned about the issue of period poverty, she knew she had to take action. She had started the SisterFriend Club at her school to help girls feel more comfortable with menstruation, but she knew there was more she could do to make a difference.

One day, Leigh's father told her about a news article he had read about how many girls miss school because they can't afford menstrual products. This really struck a chord with Leigh, and she knew she had to do something about it.

Leigh decided to write letters to her local lawmakers to advocate for free menstrual products in schools. She researched the issue and found that many other states and countries had already implemented similar programs, and she was determined to make it happen in her community too.

Leigh's father was proud of her determination and helped her create a petition to gather support from her classmates and the community. They also reached out to local organizations to see if they could partner to make a larger impact.

The response to Leigh's efforts was overwhelming. Many of her classmates were eager to sign the petition and join her cause. They even helped organize a period product drive for homeless women and girls in their community, which was a huge success.

Leigh's father helped her navigate the process of writing letters to lawmakers and advocating for change, and before she knew it, Leigh's voice was being heard. Her local representatives reached out to her to discuss the issue further and work together on a solution.

Leigh's passion and dedication to advocating for menstrual equity in her community not only made a tangible impact but also inspired others to take action. She hopes her story will encourage other young people to speak up and advocate for what they believe in, no matter how big or small the issue may seem.

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