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Starting the SisterFriend Club: Leigh's Journey to Empowering Girls

Leigh has always been passionate about helping others, especially girls her age. She knows firsthand how tough it can be to navigate the world of periods, and she wants to make sure other girls don't have to go through it alone. So, she decides to start the SisterFriend Club at her school.

Leigh's first step is to come up with a plan. She spends hours researching different clubs and brainstorming ideas for activities and events. Finally, she comes up with a mission statement: "To create a safe and welcoming space for girls to discuss menstruation, promote menstrual health and hygiene, and advocate for menstrual equity."

Next, Leigh needs to recruit members. She starts by talking to her friends and classmates about the club and its mission. Many of them are hesitant at first, but Leigh is persistent. She knows that the more girls who join the club, the more impact they can have.

Slowly but surely, Leigh's efforts pay off. Girls start joining the club, and they are excited to be part of something that addresses an issue that is so important to them. Leigh is overjoyed to see that her hard work is paying off.

The club's first meeting is a success. Leigh starts by introducing herself and explaining why she started the SisterFriend Club. She talks about how she knows firsthand how tough it can be to deal with periods, and how she wants to make sure no girl has to go through it alone.

After Leigh's introduction, the girls go around the room and introduce themselves. They talk about their experiences with periods, and many of them share stories about feeling embarrassed or ashamed. Leigh nods sympathetically, knowing exactly how they feel.

The rest of the meeting is dedicated to planning events and activities. The girls come up with ideas for a product drive, a fundraiser to buy menstrual products for the school, and a guest speaker to come and talk about menstrual health. Leigh is thrilled with the ideas they come up with and can't wait to get started.

Starting the SisterFriend Club has been a challenging but rewarding experience for Leigh. She has learned so much about leadership, organization, and most importantly, the power of girls supporting girls. She is excited to see the impact that the club will have on her school and hopes that it will inspire other girls to start their own SisterFriend Clubs.

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