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Demystifying Period Myths: A Workshop for Girls

Leigh was excited to host a workshop at school with the SisterFriend Club. She had invited the school nurse, Ms. Sandy, to lead the workshop and teach girls about menstrual hygiene. Leigh knew how important it was to educate other girls about their periods and debunk common myths.

Ms. Sandy arrived at the school with a big smile on her face. She brought with her a bag filled with period products, diagrams, and props to help make the workshop more interactive. The girls were eager to learn, and Ms. Sandy was excited to teach.

Ms. Sandy started the workshop by asking the girls what they knew about periods. The girls hesitated at first, but Leigh spoke up and shared what she knew. Ms. Sandy listened intently and then asked the girls if they had any questions. The floodgates opened, and the girls began to ask questions about everything from cramps to tampons.

Ms. Sandy explained that periods are a normal part of growing up and that every girl experiences them differently. She went on to explain the menstrual cycle and how it works. She used diagrams to help the girls visualize what was happening inside their bodies.

Next, Ms. Sandy talked about menstrual hygiene. She emphasized the importance of changing your pad or tampon regularly to avoid odor and infection. She also talked about how to properly dispose of period products and how to keep your hands clean during the process.

Some students had been worried about what they would do when they had to change their pads at school. Ms. Sandy reassured them that there were private bathrooms available for her to use. She also explained that it was okay to ask for help from a teacher or the school nurse if she needed it.

Ms. Sandy then addressed some common myths about periods. She debunked the myth that you cannot go swimming while on your period. Ms. Sandy made it clear that it was safe to do any physical activity while on your period, and that you should do what makes you feel comfortable.

Lastly, Ms. Sandy talked about visiting the gynecologist for the first time. She explained that it was important to start seeing a gynecologist once you start your period and that they can help answer any questions you may have. Ms. Sandy encouraged the girls to talk to their moms or dads about making an appointment.

Leigh felt more confident after the workshop. She knew that she could talk to Ms. Sandy or a teacher if she needed help at school. She also felt more comfortable about her upcoming visit to the gynecologist. Leigh knew that she had the support of the SisterFriend Club and that they were all in this together.

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