With your support, we provide our community partners with the feminine care products they desperately need, including sanitary pads, tampons, adult diapers, and new bras and underwear. 


Bethlehem Haven

Bethlehem Haven provides emergency and residential housing for homeless and at-risk women. We provide SisterFriend feminine hygiene kits to their Emergency Shelter.

Light of Life Ministries

Light of Life Ministries is a Christian organization providing housing for those in need of shelter and meals for those in need of nourishment. SisterFriend provides kits for women and girls who attend the Meal Ministry program.

Operation Safety Net

Operation Safety Net aims to provide access to healthcare for the unsheltered homeless population in Pittsburgh. SisterFriend feminine hygiene kits are provided to the Operation Safety Net Mobile Unit.

Rainbow Kitchen

Rainbow Kitchen is committed to improving the quality of life for low-income families and individuals through programs that address hunger, child nutrition, and supportive services. SisterFriend provides Rainbow Kitchen with our feminine hygiene kits to disseminate to their program participants.

Shepherd’s Heart

This congregation is a part of the Anglican Diocese of Pittsburgh. They provide meals for the homeless/poor in addition to offering worship services. They also have a residential home for armed service veterans. SisterFriend provides our kits to their program participants.

Women's Leadership Program of Western PA

For the past 34 years, Veterans Leadership Program (VLP) has fulfilled its mission of providing Veterans and their families with housing, employment and supportive services, regardless of era of war, Veterans Affairs (VA) eligibility or discharge status.

Providence Family Support Center

Established as a nonprofit organization in 1994 with a portion of the proceeds from the sale of Divine Providence Hospital on Pittsburgh’s North Side, Providence Connections strengthens families and enriches lives through comprehensive education and developmental opportunities for parents and children.

MHY Family Services

MHY Family Services promotes the safety, health, education and spiritual well being of youth and families.


YouthPlaces has a successful history of reaching the unreached, and working with teens that are at-risk and undeserved, improving their opportunities for a successful transition to the next phase of life. 

Destiny International Ministries