Tampons and sanitary pads often top the list of needs at shelters because they are pricey and rarely donated.

That's where SisterFriend comes in.



A world where every woman is treated with dignity, respect and receives the right to hygienically manage their menstruation.


SisterFriend is an organization dedicated to menstrual hygiene management by providing vulnerable women and girls with services, collective advocacy and education. 


SisterFriend aims to support menstrual hygiene management for vulnerable women and girls through the following programs and services:

  • partnering with organizations and individuals to directly distribute feminine hygiene products
  • raising awareness of  menstrual hygiene issues through our advocacy initiatives  
  • providing leadership opportunities to young women in our community

We’re providing the products to meet the need. We also want to change the stigma. If we change the stigma, more people will donate those items to the shelters.
— Tamara Whiting, SisterFriend Founder